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Why Outsource Your Digital?

Why incur headcount costs or invest your own time and effort – when you can outsource? Hiring internal talents is a huge commitment and cost. And your time and energy should really be focused on growing your business.

Digital is the part of your business where it makes the most sense to outsource. Having a team of experts work on your digital projects with an integrated end-to-end approach, can help put your business light years ahead of your competition.

At House of Zarya, we provide a one-stop solution to our clients’ digital needs, delivering an integrated digital marketing service that is focused on getting results – and of course leads! It’s like having your very own digital team, minus the hiring and headcount responsibilities.

Let House of Zarya handle your digital projects. So you can handle your business. Together, we can position your business for far greater success.

There are a lot of web developers out there that charge anything from ₹20,000 to ₹200,000 to build you a nice looking website. But, once the website is build they hand it over to the business owners who do not have the skill or the experience required to promote their websites and end up having a nice website that nobody knows about. SEO and Social promotions are never included.


This is where House of Zarya has created and developed a proven process starting from researching the market for competitors to setting up social media content and then designing and developing a perfect website. We then start work on ranking the websites for SEO and don’t stop till we reach the 1st page on search engines. This approach has been proven multiple times and has worked wonders for our current clients.

We provide our clients with a ton of value for their money. We are looking for loyal clients and we do everything in our power to maintain a healthy relationship and ensure the clients business reaches its online goals. Below are the lists of steps we take for every business that joins House of Zarya Membership Program. Phase 1 would include setting everything up. We have rigorous quality standards we follow for each of these steps to ensure we don’t have to back track on any of the processes. A detailed report will be sent to you every month.

Month 1

1.1 Discovery and Planning

1.2 Competitors and Market Research and Analytics

1.3 Local Directories Marketing

1.4 Social Media Research and Registration

1.5 Social Media Proofing and Posts Development

1.6 Domain Selection and Hosting Registration


Month 2

2.1 Website Blueprints and Design Concepts Planning

2.2 UI/UX Development

2.3 UI/UX Testing [Multiple Devices]

2.4 Quality Control and User Acceptance Testing

2.5 Website Launch and Live Environment Testing


Month 3 

3.1 SEO Audits

3.2 Technical SEO

3.3 Keyword Research

3.4 Location Demographics

3.5 Content Strategy

3.6 Content Writing & Editing

3.7 Ranking

After Phase 1 your business should now be getting increased traffic from the online campaigns. We will ensure the process stays in place and any changes going forward will adhere to our approach. We will be responsible for maintaining the content, design aesthetics, social media and SEO as per our standards and make any changes required as per your request.

We have the skills and the experience to make your online journey successful. The pricing for being a part of the membership plans is mentioned here. We believe for true Online success, you have to follow a process to get to where you want to be. You have to have a plan and put the work in if you’re ever going to achieve your goals. So it’s time to stop driving blindfolded and hoping you reach your destination. Hope isn’t a strategy. Instead, let us be your GPS and help guide you to exactly where you want to be. To get to the promise, you have to go through the process.
But when you do? The magic is obvious!

For further details on the membership plans contact us here.