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Who are we?

YES2TREATMENT (Y2T) is a company aiming to simplify and ease access to health treatment for the patient and the family. The company believes that the right treatment at the right place and at the right time will bring about good health and good treatment outcomes.
We have developed EMI based solutions for financial access to medical treatments. The solutions are primarily to “bridge financing” of treatment costs, paid to the healthcare provider. Some proof tested financial solutions are launched recently. Some solutions are under testing and few are at the development stage. We intend to create a financial access to medical/health treatment ecosystem with innovative financial products and will be using technology to reach a large population.
Health Economics and Market Access (HEMA) at Y2T supports medical devices and pharmaceutical companies in launching new devices and treatments. We analyze the clinical evidences, determine the health economic advantages, identify pricing considerations to support the new device/treatment introduction in the country and also support in creation of communications for early reimbursement under insurance. This helps in larger population access to the new device/procedure.

Health Economics & Market Access

Health Economics & Market Access


The company is focused on the needs of the patient and the family and providing them all support needed to ensure they are able to access treatment. It is working with various stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem. Y2T has started operations on two verticals, one on Health Economics & Market Access and second on Health and treatment financing. We will be progressively adding verticals to support the patient and family access to treatment.

The company is focused on bringing other professionals such as drug and device industry specialists, public health specialists, insurers and financial service providers among others to ensure that an optimum network to support the patients and their families is built and nurtured.

YES2TREATMENT is founded by Manish Jain who has over 2 decades of corporate experience across financial services and health industries. He has worked in IDFC and ICICI Bank, among others, in the financial services industry. He has spent more than a decade with Johnson & Johnson, where he was leading Health Policy, Health Economics and Market Access (HEMA) functions as the Director. He has a good understanding of issues of financing and insurance with respect to reimbursement, pricing, strategic initiatives; introduction of new treatment procedures and technology. He has also worked on several areas of policy initiatives with Health ministry & Nodal Bodies both at state and central government levels as also the Insurance regulator and trade bodies.

YES2TREATMENT is putting in place a capable team. Like-minded industry leaders who understand this area are also mentoring the company.

YES2TREATMENT has started the initiative from Bengaluru. Hospitals have been empanelled and the company has initiated providing financing options from a financial services provider. The company is working to build a suite of product offering for varied treatment loan requirements. The initiative plans to extend to other service providers and locations with more service offerings in 2018.



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